9:20: Steve Carell just threw to a clip package that makes his costars all seem jealous of him. Cool of Fox - or maybe just smart - to let them do their thing even though The Office is on another network.

9:23: "What a great show... this part of the audience has seen," Best Comedy, Music or Variety Show winner Jon Stewart says, poking fun at the Emmys-in-the-round conceit. You just know they've got poor Mitovich stuck behind the stage. Hopefully he's at the bar getting scoop from Vanessa Williams instead. He's enterprising that way. 9:25: Tony Bennett's special won best music... er, special. Oh, gee. Now the producer is kissing up to him right on stage for the world to see. Wait, the guy just called Tony "Dad." In that case, it's sweet. If they aren't actually related, it's just creepy. 9:27: Mark Harmon and Marcia Cross - hot coupla presenters. And Marcia's totally got the girls out. Let's hear it for breast-feeding. 9:28: Oh, Toni Collette is nominated. And just like that, Judy Davis won instead for Best Supporting Actress in a Movie or Miniseries. I'm a jinx, I tell ya. 9:30: The president of the Academy is doing his spiel now. For a minute there, when he said this was his last year in that position, he might right the wrongs of past years and bestow Emmys upon Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lauren Graham and Ben Browder. But no. He's going on about charity. Which is good, and not just 'cause it gives me a breather long enough to finally try out that champagne.