11:02: We're in overtime. "I would say hi to my boys, but I can't remember their names," Patricia Heaton is saying. I'm with ya, sister. 11:02:30:

30 Rock wins best comedy. Poor Betty. Tina Fey thanks NBC boss Ben Silverman in advance for keeping them on the air for the next six years. 11:04: Cute, Tina just thanked the show's "dozens and dozens of viewers." 11:10: Tom Selleck's date looks bored out of her mind while giving The Sopranos a standing O for their best-drama win. David Chase is thanking all the musicians who worked on the show. Huh? 11:11: Chase is saying gangsters send their kids to school, and maybe this country is run by gangsters. Or something. This is why writers are writers and not speakers. And on that note, I'm gonna shut up and go look in a mirror. Now that I'm not an Emmy-blogging virgin anymore, I wanna see if what they say is true and that I'll really look different. - Written by Ben Katner