10:03: Seacrest asks Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos to stop shanking the seat fillers. This is just sad.

10:04: Hiro from Heroes is introducing Tom from MySpace. This show just gets odder and odder. A voiceover is telling us about pods. I think it's an ad for this Current website? Did I get that right? It's no Facebook, but it must be somethin', 'cause now Al Gore is on stage and getting a standing O. I'm not entirely sure anybody else knows what the hell is going on, either; they just like Al. 10:07: Al's wife looks a lot like Jane Fonda, only without so much plastic surgery. Al looks sorta sweaty. How far away was he seated? Or was he a victim of the solar panels on the red carpet? 10:07:30: Joely Fisher is pulling off pastel yellow. Not easy to do. But she's another victim of too much spray-on tanning. Brad Garrett compliments her dress by saying she "just made Charlie Sheen's to-do list." Why isn't he hosting this thing? Heck, why isn't she? 10:09: Time for one of those random sorta awards where the Oscars vie with The Late Show. So, of course, Tony Bennett's special wins again. His stock is gonna be through the roof tomorrow. 10:10: Teri Hatcher's turn to present, with Anthony Anderson. He does a cute bit about how they are always going up for the same roles. Never woulda gotten that joke told if she'd been up there with Nicollette or Marcia. 10:12: Oh, Judith Light is up for best guest actress in a comedy! Dagnabbit! Elaine Stritch won. Well, fine. At least Judith will be back on Betty next season. Best guest actor Stanley Tucci is up at the dais with Elaine, helping her find the prompter. Aw, she's cute as a button. 10:14: Elaine looks super. By which I mean not anywhere near death. Maybe I used to think she was Carol Channing, because I could swear I used to think she looked near-death. 10:15: Yay! Ugly Betty won for best directing! Chug!
Yay! The Office just won for best comedy writing! Chug! Suddenly, working the Emmys doesn't seem like so much work after all.