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Listen to Your Heart Episode 2 Recap: Julia Is Lost in the Bachelor Nation Love Triangle

And a new arrival causes problems for Jamie and Trevor

Liam Mathews


[Warning: The following contains spoilers from Episode 2 of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. Read at your own risk!]

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heartfeels noticeably different than mainline Bachelor shows, doesn't it? The people seem more normal somehow. They don't all look like Instagram influencers, and they don't seem as spiteful as people on the other shows tend to be. So far, we haven't seen bad-mouthing of other players in ITMs or excessive interpersonal conflict. No one has called anyone else a "stupid bitch." There's still a lot of game left to play, but for the most part this seems like a friendlier competition. And that is making it feel lower-stakes. It's minor-league Bachelor, and some of these folks are awaiting a call-up to the big leagues (one of the flagship shows).

The big dramas this week were Natasha's arrival and exposure of Trevor as a cheater and Julia being torn between Sheridan and Brandon, the former of which feels like it's been resolved for now. The latter is juicy, though.

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Jamie and Trevor

The men were giving out roses this week, and three new women arrived to shake things up. Natascha, a 33-year-old pop singer, was the first of three new women to arrive, getting there while Trevor and Jamie were out on a date. On that date, Jamie told Trevor that she'd been cheated on in every relationship she'd ever had, and gushed about how great Trevor was. "He's an amazing guy...I can't see anything going wrong," she said. Cut to Natascha figuring out that Trevor was her friend's ex-boyfriend, and revealing to the rest of the house that he had cheated on her. Dun dun dun!

When Jamie and Trevor got back, Natascha pulled him aside before he even had a chance to unbutton his henley and forced him to admit to cheating on her friend. He said he never physically cheated, only emotionally cheated. This was different than what he said to Jamie during their date, where he told her that his last relationship had ended because they weren't compatible and he stayed in it for longer than he should have. The truth, but not the whole truth! Natascha is twelve years older than baby Jamie, and didn't want her to go through what she'd gone through in her 20s with shady dudes. She made him promise to tell Jamie the truth, which to his credit, he did. He got specific about the vague "mistakes" he alluded to during their date. Jamie was upset, because cheating was a dealbreaker for her, but she still like him and felt their connection. She decided to try to trust him for the person he is today, rather than the person he was two years ago (a year and a half ago). We'll see what happens, but somehow I don't see an engagement in their future!

Listen to Your Heart's Natascha on Why She Had to Tell the Truth About Trevor

Julia and Sheridan

Julia found herself in a love triangle. Sheridan, a sweet and earnest guy, only had eyes for her, but she liked Brandon better. She didn't say it out loud, but it's clear she's much more into the clean-cut former Marine than she is the long-haired hippie. All the girls wanted Brandon's rose, and Brandon was very clear about wanting to keep his options open.

Sheridan took Julia on a date where they were interviewed on a morning radio show, and it was awkward, because it came up that Julia had kissed multiple dudes while Sheridan had only kissed her. But they sounded nice singing Maren Morris' "The Bones" together.

Sadly for Sheridan, the morning after their date, Julia told him that she still wanted to see what was there with Brandon, all but telling him she would rather get a rose from Brandon than him. Brandon, meanwhile, had gone on a date with Savannah, and he felt the strongest connection with her compared to Julia and Mel, the third woman who was into him.

Brandon gave his rose before Sheridan, and he gave it to Savannah. Sheridan gave his to Julia. But moments after the rose ceremony, Brandon told Julia that they could still figure out where their relationship was at. You stay classy, Brandon. But Julia was kinda into it. Poor Sheridan. He doesn't deserve to be somebody's second choice.

I Crashed Listen to Your Heart's First Date

The Rest

The most solid couple in the house, Bri and Chris, went on a date to Guitar Center (lol), where they expressed their feelings to each other in song. Bri has trouble articulating her feelings in conversation, but she can sing them, and so they improvised a song about how they feel about each other. It was sweet. Bri is learning to love again after having her heart broken by her ex-fiancée, and she thinks she's falling in love with Chris.

Natascha set her sights on Ryan, much to Ryan's surprise. Ryan didn't think he'd be the type of guy she'd be into. Natascha's type of femininity usually finds its counterpart in someone more traditionally masculine than Ryan. But Natascha doesn't conform to stereotypes, and she secured Ryan's rose.

Matt and Rudi are back on, because Rudi realized she was wrong for blowing up on Matt last week. She apologized, and he accepted. She tried kissing Ryan, but she didn't feel anything, which reiterated to her that Matt was the one. "For some reason it's you and me," she told him, and slapped him in the face by way of flirtation. Rudi is a lot. She swears on-camera more than anyone else in franchise history.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. Episodes are available to stream on Hulu.

Sheridan and Julia, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart

Sheridan and Julia, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart

John Fleenor, ABC