Lindsay Lohan by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Lindsay Lohan by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

As if we hadn't already seen enough of her, more nude photos of Lindsay Lohan have hit the Web. The photos are outtakes from a shoot by New York magazine in which photographer Bert Stern re-created his famous 1962 shoot with Marilyn Monroe, which came to be known as "The Last Sitting," and they're available here, numbered 10-15 (note: there is partial nudity).

Linds stirred up quite a ruckus with the release of the original pictorial on Monday, but it was her mother, Dina Lohan, who emerged to defend the work as "art" and assert that the shoot was "tastefully done." You've probably already seen the first nine pics, but the remaining five are a little extra love from LiLo. A lot of you have already weighed in, but with these new additions to the photo spread, what's your take? Tasteful or tacky? Artful or awful? - Anna Dimond

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