Lindsay Price Lindsay Price

After taking a year off to direct the documentary feature, Sending the Orphans Back, about her mother's first return to Korea since childhood, Lindsay Price is returning to TV as a rape victim on an episode of CSI: NY, set to air in February. Price comes to the attention of Anna Belknap's character, Dt. Lindsay Monroe, when the serial rapist who once attacked her ends up dead. 

"To do a guest spot on a show that has been on for so many seasons is such a random thing when you're used to leading your own shows, but I'm a fan and I thought it was an interesting exercise, to go to the place of what a woman might feel if she actually went through something that traumatic," Price told TV Guide Magazine at the G'Day USA Black Tie Gala on January 22. "It's interesting to play something that I've never even tapped the surface of before."

After she's done being interrogated, Price's next appearance will be on the first episode of NBC's new dramedy Love Bites, set to air this spring. After that, it's whatever pilot season brings. "Everything that I do has to be something new and something challenging, or with people that I want to work with. I take jobs for different reasons," says Price. "There's some good things out there. Everyone says TV's going down the tubes, and it's all reality, but there's some really good writing. and some amazing opportunities if you're lucky enough to throw your hat in the ring. The truth is, if you're lucky enough to work, you're a lucky actor."

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