Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan

Although it looks like Lindsay Lohan hardly ever took her eyes off the cue cards in her mock eHarmony ad, the video's director says the new singleton thought up her own stuff on the fly.

"She came up with the stuff about being a threat to all security guards — she improvised while doing it," Eric Appel tells Us Weekly. "She threw in a bunch of fun, funny stuff."

That includes the addition of her Us cover. "[That] was a last-minute thing," Appel says. "We all came up with the idea collectively and sent someone to the store to buy one. It was her idea to say, 'I'm so alone' directly into the camera."

Out to prove self-referential humor isn't lost on her, Lohan reached out to Will Ferrell's manager about shooting a Funny or Die spoof last Wednesday. Filming took place Saturday, and the 22-year-old, who brought along some friends, her sister and her mom, was "really professional."

"People forget Lindsay Lohan's, like, a good actress," Appel says. "There's so much attention [to everything she does], forget this girl has really good comic timing."