"Very likely something's happened," Lucius says of Evander, Lyde's husband. "Very likely he is dead!" Well, yeah. And it wasn't a very nice death, either, as we saw last week. But as is the case with most things Pullo does, Lucius won't be finding that out until the most inconvenient moment possible. "I shall be a good politician, even if it kills me," Antony says. "Or even if it kills anyone else, for that matter." Oh, please does anyone watching this think he's not a born politician? He's ruthless and deceitful ('nuff said) and, as Lucius observes, "He negotiates with a whore and a dwarf at his side." Whatever works. As for this week's machinations, anger and scheming, we've got some interesting alignments happening, what with Lyde cursing Niobe, Octavia and Servilia exhibiting the early beginnings of a friendship and Antony having a falling out with Atia. "I had not realized until now what a wicked old harpy you really are," he says after she proposes marriage. Guess he hasn't been paying attention, then. My favorite moment, though, is Lucius' question to Pullo right after the latter offends Triton and the mast on their storm-battered boat gives way: "Why can't you learn to keep your fat mouth shut?" Oh, c'mon. Where would the fun be in that?