<EM>Alias</EM> Alias

What I liked:
- Finally some James Marsters. Sans blond hair. Sans cool English accent. Even sans the black leather. But it didn't matter. This Professor Milton Fine dude is sarcastic (like Spike) and is going to be totally badass once the story line and his alter ego really kick in. Mark. My. Words.
- Speakin' of badass, Lex Luthor is drifting ever so speedily towards the Darth Vader-like dark side. Michael Rosenbaum seems to enjoy playing up Lex's full-scale descent into evildom. The Lex/Clark rivalry continues to heat up and there's promise of an epic Milton (Brainiac?)/Lex battle, too.
- I loved the allusions to the future (Lois someday meeting someone else who just wants to save the world), and the wink-wink moments (the JLA and referring back to last season's Flash episode).

What I didn't like:
- Yeah, even though I knew it would never happen, I was really wishing Entourage's Adrian Grenier (aka Vincent Chase) would cross over and embody Aquaman. But bonus for the Smallville version's "I don't travel with an entourage" line. Over the top, but funny. Not ha-ha funny. But I-swear-I'm-laughing-on-the-inside funny.
- Because Aquaman was the freak of the week, we were subjected to the following watered-down terms: Arthur Curry is a marine-biology student who's on the swim team; something's fishy; big fish; Lex is a shark; Lois calls Aquadud a fish stick; she calls her brief fling with the speedy swimmer the shark-infested ocean of romance. Please stop.
- If Arthur said "bro'" one more time, I was going to have to harpoon his green- and orange-wardrobed self to a very fast boat that was heading far, far away from Smallville.

One final piece of business:

Clark, when that fine Professor Fine asks you to be his research assistant, you say yes. Immediately.