I like my Vala raw not well done thank you very much. Good thing Claudia Black's feline thief is too good a character to go up in smoke. (The sight of her pouring golden jewels and coins over herself in the Avalon treasure trove was priceless.) But I suspect the cadaverous fellow who decrispified Vala after her barbeque at the stake ain't entirely a nice fella. The Ori have arrived on the SG-1 radar, and if this Lurch-like representative is any indication, they require careful scrutiny. "I've got tingles all over," she told Daniel (adding the disclaimer, "Don't flatter yourself, it's not you"). Perhaps Vala was just reacting to the shock of recovering from the deadly blaze, but I think her Spidey-sense also kicked into gear. It's no wonder she picked on Daniel. It was his curiosity about the Ancients' communications device that shot the pair across the galaxy and landed them in the Salem-type community to begin with. Even worse, the device stuck them in the bodies of local villagers who resembled refugees from a Winnipeg dinner-theater production of Aesop's Fables. Meanwhile, Ben Browder's John Crichton um Cameron Mitchell got a chance to shine by wielding Excalibur in a duel with the Shiny (hologram) Knight. With Vala cheering him on ("I don't think he's that good"), Cameron triumphed without uttering a single reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail before placing the sword back in the stone. Rock!