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It's erotic, profane, ghastly violent and deeply disturbing — and that's just the first 20 pages! One Life to Live vet Michael Easton (John) has teamed with bestselling horror maestro Peter Straub to write the extraordinary graphic novel The Green Woman (DC Comics/Vertigo), which is out this month. Illustrated by comics god John Bolton, the book resurrects the notorious — and dead — serial killer Fee Bandolier last seen in Straub's popular Blue Rose Trilogy and pits him against a New York detective named Bob Steele. Both Easton and Straub (a huge OLTL fan who has guested on the soap multiple times) dedicate the book to Bob Woods, the former Vietnam war Green Beret who plays Llanview cop Bo Buchanan. 

"Peter and I took him out to surprise him with the book over a few beers — and perhaps some tequila!" says Easton.  "Bob summons that great hero quality of the American soldier and we are both so inspired by him. We just love that guy." (Straub is pretty nuts about Easton, too. Until now, he's only collaborated with one other author — Stephen King.) 

Woods says he was blown away by the homage. "I just couldn't believe it — in fact I was so speechless at the time I don't think they truly know how proud I am," says the Emmy-winning actor. "The idea of Easton and Straub collaborating is such a huge deal and then for them to include me is really something. The book is fantastic. Reading it is like watching a movie." Adds Woods with a laugh: "I don't know that I should be a part of something that is that cool."