Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton

Reports that a fourth edition of The Simple Life, again starring friends-turned-feuders Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, is dead in the water are exaggerated to a degree that is, like, so not hot. Although Fox says it has no room on its schedule for the celebutante-based spectacle, producers are confident that the "ladies" will find a new home. "[This] is still a dynamic and valuable franchise, [and] we hope to announce a new network partner in the coming days," says a statement from Twentieth Century Fox Television. Adds Simple Life exec-producer Jonathan Murray, "We have a hit series starring two of the most-written-about women in the world. We're very excited about the creative plans for the next group of episodes." And just what are those plans? Check out the Ausiello Report in the new (and now wicked-big) TV Guide for the juicy details.