Liam Neeson's athletic six-foot-four stature combined with that distinctive Northern-Irish accent has made him one of Hollywood's go-to warriors (Rob Roy, Star Wars). And though he puts on a brave face yet again as a Soviet submarine captain in the Cold War thriller K-19: The Widowmaker, Neeson reveals he doesn't always stand tall in the face of danger.

"I'd probably leap and scream and shout," he admits to TV Guide Online of his natural response to the life-or-death situations he's faced onscreen. "I get dizzy on a thick carpet."

Luckily, Neeson doesn't count small, enclosed, underwater spaces among his phobias. "I'm not claustrophobic, but I could easily develop it," he says. "I hit my head countless times [in the submarine]. There was always one big red valve — just when I got the hang of how to miss it, the props guys would move it somewhere else!"

The true test of his bravery came two years ago when the 50-year-old actor was riding a motorcycle in Upstate New York. "A deer hit me and I broke my pelvis and heel," he explains. "I was screaming and rolling there on the side of the road... If there had been a camera there, you would have seen a lot of fear."

Neeson is amazed by the daredevil attitude of K-19 co-star Harrison Ford, who pilots his own planes and helicopters. "I've been up in the air with Harrison," he recalls. "We hit [turbulence] and he's Mr. Cool, and I'm sitting in the back cowering!"