Variety has announced that Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann will costar in the next film that Judd Apatow will direct. And that's pretty much all they've announced, as the film doesn't yet have a title and the plot is reportedly top-secret. But we know the formula by now, right? Can't we write this sucker on our own? Sandler and Mann play a married couple. Sandler is a henpecked writer who misses hanging out with the boys (to be played by James Franco, Jason Segel and Jonah Hill). Mann plays his ball-busting wife, who is prone to both profanity and crying jags. Rogen is his bad-influence college roommate, with whom he sneaks off to smoke pot, play video games, drink Jägermeister and talk about chicks. Mann discovers that Sandler is not tutoring less-fortunate kids for the SATs but practicing for a beer-pong tournament in Rogen's basement (cameo by Christopher Walken as a disgraced Olympic table-tennis coach). Also: Someone gets their man bits caught in a revolving door. OK, that's my guess. What's yours? - Mickey O'Connor