Let me start off by saying I like lawyers. My dad's a lawyer. My sister's a lawyer. I went through a period of time when I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. But wow, is this show bad. First, they should have just called it the The Apprentice: Law Edition. From the hot receptionist to the pseudo boardroom to the catchphrase "The verdict is in," it was just like Donald Trump's show, except that Roy Black is clearly no Trump (though one client, George Leach, did seem to use the same hairdresser as the Donald). Second, they keep making a big deal that these are real people and real cases. Uh, but isn't this show a game? I just can't support something where real people are pretty much pawns in a reality show. Sure, these cases were rather uncontroversial, but Roy told us these weren't the hardest cases the group would try. Makes you nervous for the folks down the road, doesn't it? I was less enthralled by the cases than by how dumb this lot seemed to be. These are the best lawyers they could find? Really? But all that said, I was still sort of drawn in by a few of the characters. Michael's clearly a jerk and a rather decent lawyer; Chris also seems pretty competent. Elizabeth, who cried, will be dismissed in no time, and Kelly was a goner from the get-go. She thought "vigilante" carried a positive connotation? Then perhaps she'll think my calling her an idiot is a compliment, too.