David Letterman by John Paul Filo/CBS David Letterman by John Paul Filo/CBS

After going live again Wednesday following two months of repeats, Tonight Show host Jay Leno woke up to protests from the WGA, which called him in for a meeting on Thursday to "clarify" that, as a guild member, he is not allowed to pen his monologue. In response, NBC issued a statement that, in effect, says, "Oh yes, he is!" and as such, was expected to continue doing so.

Meanwhile, whether because he's tired of losing to Leno or because the damn thing's just gotten itchy, David Letterman said on last night's Late Show that come Monday he would be shaving his beard - on camera. His one request? "A good guy" to do the job, "because the last time we did this... I looked like I'd been in a knife fight." - Ben Katner

What's your take? Should Dave keep the beard, provided of course that he perform the occasional bris?