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Lena Dunham Reveals Which Girls Cast Member Had a "Powerfully Odd" Audition

And which criticisms of the show hurt the most

Liz Raftery

Over the course of six seasons, the main characters on HBO's Girlschanged in profound ways. But none of those evolutions could top the transformation of star Adam Driver.

During a "Tribeca Talks" discussion in New York City on Tuesday, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, Girls creator and star Lena Dunham recalled Driver's audition for the show and the impression it left on her.

"He was really, powerfully odd," Dunham said. "He came into the audition and we were like, 'This guy's a freakin' weirdo.'"

After landing the part of Hannah Horvath's (Dunham) love interest Adam on the show, Driver was cast as villain Kylo Ren in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

"He became the handsome movie star that he is now over the seasons," Dunham's creative partner and Girls executive producer Jenni Konner said Tuesday.

​Lena Dunham, Girls
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

Elsewhere in the discussion, which was moderated by America Ferrera, Dunham and Konner reflected on the criticism the show has received, particularly regarding Dunham's penchant for getting naked onscreen.

"People were so ready to believe that I was jumping past some massive hurdle in order to get naked on television," Dunham said. "That's not where my fear lies. ... I've always been like Rihanna to myself."

But as much as the harsh commentary on her physique stung, Dunham said the negative feedback she received about issues like abortion and other feminist topics were the most difficult to stomach, especially when they came from other women.

"The ones that were really hard ... was when I felt misunderstood or willfully misunderstood by other woman who shared my politics," she said. "To be misunderstood by other pro-choice feminists was hell to me."

Dunham and Konner say they prided themselves on learning from their mistakes while they were producing Girls, but stand firm about their frank depictions of nudity and human sexuality.

When it was pointed out that Hannah's romantic partners on the show included a number of handsome actors like Jake Lacy, Patrick Wilson and Driver, Dunham noted: "I've never, ever felt like I didn't look 'correct' next to those people."

Girls ended its six-season run on HBO on Apr. 16.