Initially following Heath Ledger's tragic death, production on the actor's last film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, halted immediately, and it was widely suspected that the film would not get made.

But now, according to comments that Imaginarium costar Christopher Plummer made to People, director Terry Gilliam's working on a way to save the film. "Fortunately, because the film deals with magic," Plummer said, "there is a way, perhaps, of turning Heath into other people and then using stills and I think they call it CGI."

Plummer also noted that Gilliam and Ledger were close, and that the director "wants to dedicate it to Heath, of course."

Michelle Williams, meanwhile, has put her next film on hold until she "is ready," People quotes one source as saying. In her next movie, Blue Valentine, she is set to star opposite Ryan Gosling, with production originally planned to begin Feb. 25.

While the Valentine crew is expected to tailor schedules to Williams, specifics have yet to be worked out on Imaginarium. We hope Gilliam can work his magic. - Anna Dimond

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