Glee - Lea Michele Glee - Lea Michele

This year's Emmy Awards will air on August 29—which will be Glee nominee Lea Michele's 24th birthday. "I'm so excited that everyone's decided to throw this party for my birthday," she jokes to TV Guide Magazine. "I think everyone felt really bad that my birthday was only at a sushi restaurant last year, so the Emmy committee decided to help me out this year."

Summering at her New York apartment, Michele was worried about her downstairs neighbors complaining about her screams of joy when word came in about her first Emmy nomination as lead actress in a comedy. "I didn't want to scream too loud, because I got a noise complaint recently from my neighbors. I think that had to do with my high heels." She received text messages from Glee creator Ryan Murphy and co-stars Matthew Morrison, Jenna Ushkowitz and Chris Colfer. "I'm sure Amber [Riley] is still sleeping. It's weird to be apart from each other. When the Golden Globe nominations came out we all came in to work that day to share our excitement."

Although Michele was favored to land a nom, the actress says she is in shock. "I'm looking at the names [of fellow nominees] Tina Fey, Edie Falco, Toni Collette and Amy Poehler —it's just mind-boggling to me. I'm such a fan of those women."

Next season on Glee, Michele hopes that Rachel and Finn will get to have a go of it as a couple. "I want to see what that would look like since we've only been able to date for a week at a time—like real high school romances."

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