Sam Waterston, David Letterman Sam Waterston, David Letterman

First Jon & Kate, now David Letterman.

For its latest ripped-from-the-headlines story line, Law & Order will take a page out of the Late Show host's sex-with-staffers extortion scandal, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Law & Order executive producer spills on Jon & Kate-inspired episode

The episode will focus on a female talk-show host in her 40s, married with children, who gets blackmailed when someone gets wind of her affairs with her female employees. Things take a turn for the worse when someone involved in the trysts winds up dead.

Letterman felt "threatened" over extortion attempt

Letterman, who came clean about his affairs last month, isn't the only pop-culture reference in the episode. According to

The Wrap, the female host, named Vanessa Carville, co-hosts a daily chatfest with a panel of women not unlike The View.NBC could not confirm the report.What do you think? Is it too soon to take a dig at Dave?