Laguna Beach
OK, don't get me started. I'm already a little teary that the gang's big good-bye is also my last Watercooler column. For a while, at least. The big, new all-color TV Guide needs a tad more of my time. But I should be back by the time

Lauren hits

The Hills. Which, by the way, looks sooooo good. Oh! And the third-season sneak peek with her little sis and that Kami chick? Hello. Girls with bad hair and guys with great bodies? We are so on for summer. Until then, I humbly offer this week's "Thanks for Being the Best Readers EVER" dunzo survey. Truly, I heart you all.1) Do guys like Steeephen really think they can play a pair of girls against each other for two years and not be considered tools?2) When did you start crying? For me, I gotta be honest. That Cabbage Patch Taylor-Awful Alex M. scene killed me.3) Do we think Poor Dumb Jessica will actually end up "married with like, eight kids" by the class reunion? Or will she just be finishing her third sophomore year?4) Other than L.C., who stands a better chance in L.A.? Alex H. Who We Love, Kristin, Steeephen or Jason the Chronic Cheater?5) Which one will be working Sunset for bus tokens by Christmas?6) And where was Talan headed without a good-bye to Kristin? I dug that kid.7) Laguna Beach: Life Inside the Bubble. On sale today. Go!BONUS No. 1 Have any of you watched this Related on the WB? SO SWEET!BONUS No. 2 Will you please be nice to my cooler colleagues? They're really great.BONUS No. 3 How am I going to face Tuesdays without the e-mail love from Joe McB.'s sister, Jaclyn from Ridley, Mandy, the Scheduling girls, LadyStink and the rest of you guys? Oh god, this sucks! I gotta go before I weep all over my laptop. I'll see you soon, I promise. Until then, peace and love times a gazillion.