After the ladies' incompetence last week, it's the men's turn to crash and burn. Team Excel makes the classic mistake of putting the cart before the Lamborghini, assuming a little testosterone will make easy work of selling a sports car. Sure, fellas, those Y chromosomes may come in handy, but so does a basic knowledge of the English language. Project manager Chris decrees straightaway that in advertising "clichés are a no-no" and then proceeds to stake his team's entire campaign on the oh-so-original concept "green with envy." Nice work, big guy; it's maneuvers like that (not to mention only bringing one other dude into the boardroom with you) that'll getcha fired. Tell your drive-of-shame cab driver we said hi.

Meanwhile, Capital Edge decides to bring it (oh, it's already been broughten) with quite possibly the most brilliant staging of presentation-choreography ever. Matching outfits, dramatic head turns they're like the reality-TV version of Robert Palmer's backup dancers. How 'bout it, ladies, what do you say to a rousing chorus of "Simply Irresistible" just for old time's sake? If you've still got this one on your DVR-of-choice, go back and watch the women's presentation in slo-mo I guarantee a good time will be had by all. (And right after that, you're gonna want to skip ahead to the boardroom for an encore of Carolyn's barely restrained Sigh of Ultimate Contempt. Beware, future Apprentice applicants: Carolyn has the power to stare deep into your soul, and she will not like what she sees.)

Quote of the hour: "There's the difference between men and women. Men say it, women feel it." Thank you, female Lamborghini executive, for boiling down centuries of gender theory to six simple words. I think Chris might like to use that in some sort of cliché-free ad campaign.