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The third season of Sons of Anarchy saw the motorcycle gang travel to Ireland and back, and ended with many of them going to prison. But while Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay (Ron Perlman) patch up their relationship in jail, Tara finds out that Jax's deceased father and former leader of the motorcycle club feared that he would be killed by Clay and Gemma. We asked SOA creator Kurt Sutter about where he wants to take the fourth season, and when viewers can expect the crap to hit the fan.

TV Guide Magazine: What was the feedback you got for the third season?
Sutter: It's been primarily good. It's always a risk when you take your guys out of their main environment and I think when we went to Ireland people started wondering what that was about, but I think once we started to reveal the mythology about why we were going to Ireland and the weight of that on Jax. I saw that one of the sites was picking their favorite season and oddly enough Season 3 was up by three or four percent over season 2. So overall I think there was something fascinating about the scope of it, and going out of their environment. I love revealing the mythology, I love the whole IRA connection and the thematic weight of that. I'm a history guy, so there's a part of me that was digging on that.

TV Guide Magazine: Where do you see the fourth season going? Do you see more focus being placed on what happened to John?
Sutter: I think that always looms out there for Jax and I think the information he got this season will continue to impact him. But I think Season 4 will really be about dealing with the ramifications of all that new information, and it's a different Charming that they're coming back to. It's a different gun business for them. The 21st Century really starts to creep into the town and into the club.

TV Guide Magazine: What does that mean, specifically?
Sutter: I think ultimately there's a lot more progress in the town with Hale now becoming mayor there'll be a lot more development in the town. All the things they've been trying to avoid for years will ultimately start to creep in. If they can't keep Charming contained anymore, how do they deal with that?

TV Guide Magazine: Are you tempted to make it more about Clay and Jax and Gemma?
I think ultimately, it is about the three of them and everything sort of is either background or devices to complicate all those relationships. I think Clay has a personal connection with Charming and there's something about the karmic weight of if he can keep that town small and safe, everything else we do is OK. So I think it's important for Clay to maintain that relationship with Charming. So it will be interesting to see how he deals with that this season.

TV Guide Magazine: I assume there will be another confrontation between Clay and Jax at some point.
At some point. I think it's interesting that we opened those wounds up in Season 2 and then let them heal over in Season 3. I think one of the most powerful moments of the season for people was in the finale when Clay says to jax, 'I love you, son.' In contrast to what was going on last season, and I think there's almost a greater sense of betrayal when those wounds heal over and you ultimately rip the scab off again.

TV Guide Magazine: But you're not in a hurry.
I've got seven seasons before the clock runs out on the show, so not yet, no.

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