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Kung Fu Cast on Who's Most Likely to Plan an Epic Lunar New Year's Eve Dinner

Stars Olivia Liang, Eddie Liu, Shannon Dang, and Tony Chung kicked off Season 2 with a game

Kat Moon

The second season of The CW's Kung Fu opens as Lunar New Year celebrations begin. Stress levels are high in the kitchen as Mei-Li Shen (Kheng Hua Tan) prepares for what is arguably the most important meal of the year in Chinese culture: the Lunar New Year's Eve dinner. Soon, the Shen family crowds around a table clothed in red and packed with dishes traditionally eaten on the holiday. But the Kung Fu cast didn't just share this meal onscreen. Tan hosted her co-stars for their own Lunar New Year's Eve dinner. "She's such a lovely host, a wonderful cook, and she's literally done that for us before," said Tony Chung, who plays Dennis Soong.

In advance of Kung Fu's Season 2 premiere, Chung and fellow cast members Olivia LiangShannon Dang, and Eddie Liu came together to play a game of Most Likely To with TV Guide. When asked about Lunar New Year's Eve, Liang, who stars as Nicky Shen, also praised Tan. "Most likely to plan the most epic Lunar New Year's Eve dinner would be a three-way tie between Tzi [Ma], Kheng, and Shannon," Liang said. "Kheng and Tzi are so knowledgeable about all of the traditions that go behind Lunar New Year, and Shannon just loves to throw a party." 

The co-stars also shared their thoughts on which castmate was most likely to butter people up to receive more hong bao — red envelopes with money that are gifted during Lunar New Year. Liang picked Chung, "because he wants more money to invest in his whatever crypto, N-F-E-T blah blahs." But Chung had a different answer: "Most likely to butter people up to receive more hong bao is JP [Jon Prasida] because he needs to butter as many people up as possible to get as many hong bao as possible to buy himself some dignity. I'm sorry, did I say dignity? I meant Jordans. A pair of Jordans."  

In its first season, Kung Fu — which is the first American network drama to feature a predominantly Asian cast — introduced us to the Shens. Nicky is a Harvard dropout who, after running away from home and joining a Shaolin monastery in China, became a skilled martial artist. The story began when her mentor, Pei-Ling (Vanessa Kai), was killed and Nicky returned to San Francisco in search of the murderer. She reunited with her family: her mother Mei-Li and father Jin (Ma), older sister Althea (Dang), and younger brother Ryan (Prasida). Season 1 ended with Nicky defeating her nemesis Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman), who is responsible for Pei-Ling's death, but she's poised for more confrontations with another enemy: Russell Tan (Kee Chan) and his foreboding crime organization.

The series also features Liu as Henry, a Chinese art history graduate student who is Nicky's primary love interest, and Chung as Dennis, Althea's partner. 

Kung Fu Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW. Check out the video above for more of the cast's thoughts on their co-stars.