Kudos to the Survivor challenge-creating crew this season; they've come up with some amazing games that are really tough and a little disturbing. I loved the whole train-cart thing, even though the challenge was a total blowout in Yaxha's favor. But the best new game has to be Brian's "Bait Blake" game. It's easy, and offers a big reward. All you have to do is find a guy who seems to be way into the oversharing (see, this wouldn't work if it was "Goad Gary") and just keep asking him questions about himself that will lead his entire tribe to think that he is just too annoying to keep around without ever actually having to backstab him yourself. Score one for the skinny Ivy League boy over the strong, frat-guy pretty boy who got sent packing when Yaxha lost their game of catapult catch. Brian, buddy, that stunt and your "He's digging himself into a hole and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he has a shovel!" quote just landed you my Favorite Player of the Week award. The biggest twist of the night, though, was that the best quote didn't come from comic-relief Judd who's spending more time being angry at Margaret than being funny  but from Stephenie. The sore loser was griping about her former Palau pal Bobby Jon, and in her sour-grapes moment said that the thing that most annoying thing about the Yaxha win was that the Alabama boy "cheers like a freakin' girl." With all his flailing around and everything, I kinda have to agree. Angel Cohn

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