As Elaine Vassal, the sex-crazed secretary on Ally McBeal, Jane Krakowski found herself in spicy situations on a weekly basis. Next up, the 36-year-old actress enjoys a steamy backseat dalliance with Jude Law in Alfie (in theaters Friday). In fact, their lurid limousine ride opens the film.

"I read the first scene," smirks Krakowski, "and thought, 'That's great.' What girl wouldn't want to do that?"

Still, it's never easy stripping down to nearly nothing on one's very first day on set. "I showed up [at] 7 am," she recalls, "met the Jude Law. And [we're like,] 'All right, now what are we going to do?' — knowing what was ahead of us.

"There have been a lot of sex scenes in limos before," Krakowski continues. "[Director Charles Shyer] didn't want it to look like all of the others. He wanted to get in the car with the camera and see bodies and everything you need to see. We spent an hour discussing things we'd always wanted to do in a limo and how we could do it. It made it a lot easier."

That said, the Tony-winning pro adds blushingly: "There were definitely moments where I had reality checks. I thought, 'I am doing this for 12 hours with Jude Law. I think I might need to call some friends!'"