You know things are really, really bad when Emily Gilmore is force-feeding her unsolicited, uncensored, unwanted advice and it totally makes sense. Youre playing it cautious when you should be diving in, she tells Lorelai, who still hasnt met April. Instead of being outraged over the existence of a long-lost love child (a tude more typical of the snobby elder Gilmore), Emilys anger was rightfully directed at her daughter. I cant believe Luke is letting you get away with this! Shes got a point: Luke knows his fiancée has never been one to wait patiently in the back of any line. And lets face it, thats exactly where she is. All of Stars Hollow knows the kid. Even cousin Jess placed higher on the meet-and-greet list. And thanks to Rorys little smooch-fest in Philly, shes met April, too. (Loved that introduction! Luke: This is an old friend. April: She doesnt look old to me.) Im not sure if Ems ranting and raving even got through, since Lorelai so desperately needs to push away everything Gilmore. But maybe Grandma can move on to Rory. Sure, shes almost fixed, but shes not quite there yet. Giving Logan the cold treatment is a start. (Sorry, Im still not buying the Ross-and-Rachel, but-wewere-on-a-break routine. And clearly Rory hasnt either.) But kissing poor clueless Jess? That was plain unfair and I dont mean to Logan. So what would Em have to say about Rory's relationship with Logan? How about, Youre playing it cautious.... And you should be.