You know, I was starting to think this show was on permanent life support with little hope of recovery but folks, after weeks of humdrum, we've got ourselves a live one! Carolyn gets to sit in the Big Boardroom Chair to kick off the task, and I must say, she looks positively radiant when she's in charge. Unfortunately, Bill Rancic's still hanging around not being George, and Carolyn's impact on the proceedings is pretty much a nonissue. No matter, things are gonna get plenty ugly on their own. After a healthy shuffling of the team rosters, Capital Edge and Excel head off to their respective sporting-goods stores for an afternoon sales event. Notice, I said sales event. Long story short, Alla and her putt-putters on Capital Edge not only mop the floor with Josh and the Excel batting cage, they do it without knowing anything about sports. Wound? Let me introduce you to my good friend Salt. But wait, there's more! Trump comes back to town just in time for a little good old-fashioned reaming, and I think it goes without saying that he's not gonna stand for any whining from a group who actually caused a 34 percent drop in sales during the task. I mean, you pretty much have to try to screw up that badly, don't you? That, or have Omarosa on your team. Clearly, the Donald is displeased. And you know what that means four, count 'em, four finger-pointing sad sacks get the pink slip in one fell swoop. But amidst all that jaw-dropping, guffaw-inducing jolly good fun, the episode's finest moment comes down to the post-boardroom Walk of Shame in which Josh, Jennifer, Mark and James are forced to share a single cab into sequestered oblivion. Best. Uncomfortable. Silence. Ever.