I know it probably makes me kind of a terrible person, but I derived quite a bit of enjoyment from watching Ivette, Maggie and April whine about the fact that Janelle won yet another competition. See, perhaps if April hadn't called all the viewers pieces of s--t the last time Janelle won an America's Choice competition, then maybe a few more of the votes would have fallen in her direction. Yeah, right. But my favorite part of the whole night was when April put her foot in her mouth by saying that she never said she hated anyone in the game, but that she really hated Janelle. The lovely BB editors put together a string of her hateful remarks toward just about everyone who wasn't a member of the Friendship  now there's a warm and cuddly clique anyone would want to be a part of. Oh, and I also got a giggle when Janelle came back and told the three witches of the West Coast that the old people in the audience of Two and a Half Men had wished "Janey" good luck. Sure, Janelle has some spiteful ways about her, but she's always been honest about them and has no trouble being her sometimes-bratty self right to anyone's face. And,apparently she also has no trouble letting people touch her fake boobs. The smarter-than-she-looks blonde may seem like an open, if superficial, book, but underneath it all I think there is a bit more there. And I bet if the winner of this game were left up to America to decide, she'd have the prize money in the bag.