I know some people disagreed with me last week as to whether or not this show was any good, but after tonight's episode, I stand by my opinion that it is a solid forensics show with a great cast. I mean, for me seeing David Boreanaz shirtless and flirting with that "sexy" lawyer was just an added bonus, and it doesn't matter too much to me if he isn't stretching himself as an actor or whatever other complaints people had. I was totally seconding Angela's comment to Temperance regarding the dreamy Agent Booth: "If I were you I'd by a ticket on that ride." Plus the supporting cast is so well-rounded: Angela is a forensic scientist who is squeamish around corpses; Zack gets upset about the killing of flesh-eating beetles; and Jack is a conspiracy theorist who actually works for the government. It is just plain clever. Oh, and let's not forget Bones herself, whose inability to be tactful around the loved ones of the deceased whose her awkwardness in social situations make her so human and instantly relatable. The cases are intriguing, but with so the overload of this type of show out there, it is really the character interplay that stands out.