I know I was kind of hard on this show last week, and I still stand by that, but this week's episode was much more watchable. So much so that, aside from the lottery-girl dress, I hardly noticed what Rebecca Romijn was wearing, and that's some serious progress. I liked the acronym for the sexual harassment class spelled out SHAG. And I really enjoyed Brooke Burns. She's adorable, especially the gleeful look she had when she chucked those Lladro-like figurines off the balcony. I am totally interested in her story as she makes her way from country-club chic to sorta-self-sufficient receptionist. If Mr. Grant were around he'd probable tell her she had too much spunk, but around these jaded journalists she's a bright spot. I can barely get our receptionist to say hi or buzz the door for me when my hands are full, meanwhile Pepper's peppy little sister has got her finger on the pulse of the entire news organization. Kathy's best line came when she tried to cheer up her sis who was down in the dumps after seeing Charlie in the elevator with another woman: "You will not take a backseat to that weather girl. Do you understand me? Fix your lipstick, perk up those boobies and throw your hat right in the ring." That's some tough love. Now for my tough love, if you get paged on an assignment that is a code red, do you still have time to make coffee and take your vitamins? I get the makeup and hair, as that's necessary for on-camera work, but really, coffee? How important is a code red exactly? And my other tough sentiment? Even though this show is growing on me, and could continue, it is in a now killer time slot. There is no way I can ditch my best girl, and my two favorite medical series just to watch this every week. Sure I might tune in if nothing else is on, but otherwise this show is going to have to take a backseat. Pepper's in the TV business, she's gotta understand.