Well, you knew it was too good to be true. After having only a few lines each week, Valerie finally got a "very special episode" all about her character, Aunt Sassy, but the network decided to shut down the show for retooling. Cue the Debbie Downer sound effect. But several things in tonight's episode cracked me up:
1) Valerie walking into the cart on her way to the writers' office and saying, "Someone should probably move that."
2) The fact that Valerie played a teen hooker on Magnum P.I. and Remington's godchild on Remington Steele. Then she showed off the white leather jacket she wore on Knight Rider.
3) Valerie wanting only name actors to be considered for the role of her love interest, such as her old pal Tom Selleck.
4) Valerie describing the dirty humor on her show as "classy dirty, like Benny Hill."
5) The pseudonym Paulie G uses for Valerie's big episode: Boyd Duzshesuck.
6) Valerie voguing in her sassy Aunt outfit and totally dancing for the camera at the Viper Room before noticing her husband Mark dirty dancing with his coworker.
7) Valerie going "What?" when Juna said her "CD drops at the end of the month" and that she was "opening for Cake. It's a band."
8) Mickey's face after Valerie told him the overhead camera was rolling after he told her "his Robert" was "perfect for the role of Big Dick if you get my drift."
9) Mark breaking down the overhead camera in their bedroom after twice saying "when we did coke" which, of course, mortified Valerie.
10) Valerie not being able to site examples of the "so many classic shows that were shut down to retool."