What would it look like if Jon Snow wielded a racket instead of Valyrian steel?

Thanks to HBO, now we know.

Kit Harington and Andy Samberg face off as rival tennis pros in the upcoming film 7 Days in Hell. It's supposed to be a Christopher Guest-style mockumentary, a la Best in Show.

In the newly released promo, we learn that the two stars have a long-awaited face-off that lasts for seven whole days. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's finest and the hero of Hardhome both look pretty beat up by the end of it!

Jon Snow may have revealed the secret to winning the Game of Thrones

While Kit Harington rocks a man bun, Andy Samberg shows off a platinum blond mullet. Swoon.

Will Forte and real-life tennis star Serena Williams also make an appearance in the trailer. Watch:

7 Days in Hell comes out July 11 on HBO.

Combining Christopher Guest-esque humor with Game of Thrones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and man buns sounds like the ultimate summer guilty pleasure to us! Will you tune in?