Just days after Joey King insisted she didn't know if The Kissing Booth would get a sequel, Netflix has decided to make it official.

As a Valentine's Day surprise, the streaming service has officially announced that The Kissing Booth 2 is a go, confirming that King will return to reprise her role in the film along with Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi.

The Kissing Booth was part of 2018's return to form for romantic comedies and was also the most re-watched movie of the year for Netflix, so the announcement of a sequel is hardly a surprise. What's not clear is why it took the streaming service so long.

After all, they wasted no time ordering up a sequel to their other buzzy rom-com, To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Perhaps the key difference is that while both The Kissing Booth and TATBILB were based on young adult novels, The Kissing Booth doesn't offer any built-in source material for a sequel, since the Beth Reekles novel upon which it is based is a stand-alone story.

In either case, it looks like fans of the first film will finally get some resolution and find out whether Elle (King) will follow Noah (Elordi) to Boston or spend her senior year of high school in search of a new special someone to smooch.

The Kissing Booth is currently streaming on Netflix.

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