<EM>Gilmore Girls</EM> Gilmore Girls
Kiss her! Kiss her!

Kiss her! I've waited three long months for this moment, and now I'm shouting at my TV. Yeah, I know, Luke can't hear me (but my poor neighbors probably can!). I'm totally justified, though. Why didn't he grab Lorelai the second he accepted her proposal? Why wait for the Zima (he's right, it's totally chick beer!), the pretty lame "Here's to us!" toast (witty Lorelai couldn't do better than that?) and the gazebo in the middle of town? (OK, that part was pretty romantic.) Well, they're engaged, so I'm happy about that. Wait until Mother Gilmore hears that Lorelai was the one who popped the question, and that Luke bought her a dead grandma's old engagement ring from freaky-deaky Kirk! Scandalous! Hopefully she'll be too preoccupied fawning over Rory, who's straying further and further from her bohemian upbringing. (Not a word of protest over that insane breakfast spread or Emily's totally unnecessary Extreme Poolhouse Makeover? Mom taught her better than that!) Logan's not helping much either. The jailbird party for Rory was cute and all, but he's the only one not pushing her to go back to school. Didn't Rory say she was dropping out to find herself? But now it seems like she's doing it for him! "What kind of match would I be for you if I went running back to a life of respectability?" a tipsy Rory asks Logan. We won't answer that one, sweetie. Let's hope it doesn't take you too long to figure it out.