It was kind of interesting to watch Veronica's revelation about the siphoning of funds for the Veep's ambitious presidential campaign juxtaposed with the 10 o'clock news in the New York area, which featured stories about the crazy spending in the NYC mayoral campaign and the NJ gubernatorial race. I'm not trying to be all political or insinuate that any of the real-life politicians were part of a massive government extortion plot and murder cover-up, just thought it was weirdly coincidental timing. Actually, a lot of money almost changed hands in this episode. Michael tried to extort 200 grand from Falzone, and the aptly named C-Note offers up 100 bucks a month (which gets negotiated to 150) to the one-eyed guy running the work crew for a job. Loved that Abruzzi and Michael ganged up and scammed Falzone in a big way. And the way that Abruzzi came hunting down Michael when he heard the news great editing totally had me thinking that Abruzzi was out for Mikey's blood, and that so wasn't the case. It was a nice twist, since earlier I had a strong hunch that there was no way that Michael would easily hand over for Fibonacci and they made a big deal over that. But it wasn't all craziness: There were some sweet things, like when Michael gave Sara an origami flower and when Lincoln asked for blueberry pancakes as his last meal because it was what he used to share with his son on Sundays. Who knew that in a drama about hardened criminals, there could be a softer side?