Kim Kardashian-West appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night, offering up more insight into her mysteriously glam life and sweet, sensitive personality that's become more introspective since her scary robbery in Paris. Who knew Kim believes the celeb lifestyle is "hard on the soul" and is afraid for her kids to grow up with social media? An enigma wrapped in a puzzle, she is.

Across the evening, Andy Cohen asked a barrage of questions — many of which weren't exactly hard-hitting ("How often do you eat salads"?) — but it was the audience who got into the juiciest stuff, like when a fan asked if Kim's feud Taylor Swift made things awkward for her sister and Swift's friend Kendall. Ever poised, Kim demurely said she didn't think Kendall was ever in Taylor's squad, letting the shade fall quietly over the room.

Speaking of feuds, Kim also let on that the days of civility between Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner are done. During a game of Plead the Fifth, Kim admitted that the former couple will probably never speak again after what Caitlyn wrote about Kris in her memoir. Check out all the clips here, including Kim's take on Kendall's Pepsi ad, why she was happy Kylie and Tyga broke up and more.