Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

On Friday, Kim Kardashian posted a preview of her upcoming Vogue Spain cover to Instagram.

"Vogue Spain Cover! We did this whole shoot without make up! Can't wait for you to see it!" she captioned the pic.

We've seen so many different sides of Kim Kardashian over the years. One would be forgiven for thinking they've seen it all from her. The reality star has, in just the past few months, been blonde, naked, in Spanx, and in Armenia. Oh, and she's about to be a mom again.

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Now, another facet has been revealed: Makeup-free Kim. Makeup-free Kim is chill, just rocking a casual sweater and some beach waves.

And speaking of facets, that dazzling rock on her finger is her custom-made 15-carat engagement ring, which was designed by Kanye West. It's kind of difficult to tear your eyes away from it long enough to notice Kim doesn't have any makeup on. (Or at least, not much makeup on. C'mon, Kim: Your eyes are not naturally lined!)

Check out the pic:

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