Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman

It's officially official: Viewers will find out who killed poor Rosie Larsen at the end of The Killing's second season, according to Written By magazine.

This is slightly more specific than what the series' executive producer Veena Sud  has said before, that the killer would be revealed during the course of Season 2, which would also introduce a new murder case.

AMC responds to The Killing finale backlash

AMC's homicide drama faced considerable backlash last summer when the first season ended on a cliff-hanger without revealing who had killed the Seattle teenager.  Many of the fans spewed their anger online, and Sud told the magazine, "I started to realize I shouldn't read it, because I shouldn't get swept up too much in either the very good or the very bad, because then it'll start exerting maybe a subconscious influence on how we write, or the story direction... This is not a committee thing."

The Killling postmortem with showrunner Veena Sud

The Killing, which earned six Emmy nominations for its freshman season, will return for a second 13-episode season in the spring on AMC.

Do you still want to find out who the murderer is?