Kiefer Sutherland by Kelsey McNeal/Fox Kiefer Sutherland by Kelsey McNeal/Fox

The days may get longer for Kiefer Sutherland.

The Emmy winner revealed to Extra that he's definitely open to the idea of a film adaptation of his Fox hit 24.

"It's certainly on the table," Sutherland said. "We would certainly be thrilled to make it, but we're going to wait until the series is finished."

There has long been talk of a big-screen 24, first starting in 2006. The film was meant to be shot during the Season 6 and 7 hiatus, but plans were put on the backburner to concentrate on the series.

Also delayed was the seventh season. Due to the writers' strike, 24 did not air last year, but will return in November with a two-hour "prequel" premiere.

"We've just finished [the season]," Sutherland, 41, said. "Arguably, I think it's the best thing we've done to date." - Joyce Eng