This week, Kevin Spacey hosted a swanky soiree at the Mondrian Hotel's Sky Bar on L.A.'s Sunset Strip. This was just one of a series of launch parties for, his new website "dedicated to nurturing, development and possible discovery of filmmaking talent," said the American Beauty star. "We're doing New York, L.A., London and Miami. Ian Schrager has generously offered his hotels for each event, so we're able to have a party where Party Boy can come."

Well, Party Boy thanks Kevin for his thoughtfulness — and for inviting so many handsome celebs for me to mix with! Truth be told, few of Spacey's guests actually knew what his dot-com was for, but nobody minded the excuse to mingle with screen idols like Matt Dillon, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Luke Wilson. A potpourri of other familiar faces like Cedric the Entertainer, magician David Copperfield and Northern Exposure cutie Rob Morrow also were sipping cocktails under the stars.

But hey, who the hell invited Melissa Rivers?!

Even more random than Missy's arrival was that of Playboy honcho Hugh Hefner. Oddly, the 76-year-old arrived with a small harem of hussies — all buxom blonde Playmates — and they all sat talking amongst themselves on a big sofa. This curious-looking bunch was surrounded by five large bodyguards (all wearing Playboy pins on their lapels) who prevented any other partygoers from approaching them. As one lunkhead grunted: "Mr. Hefner doesn't wish to be disturbed."

Later, I asked Spacey why Hef seemed so antisocial. Aren't cocktail gatherings for meetin' and greetin', after all? "I'm awfully glad Hugh showed up," he chuckled. "He's a friend I've known for many years. I've been up to some of his parties at the Playboy mansion, so it's nice to get him down the mountain for ours. Hugh Hefner is the last person who's antisocial. But he's got his own magazine... and his own party guests!"