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Who Is the Greatest Jeopardy! Player of All Time? The Answer Here...

But the GOAT isn't gloating about the win

Megan Vick

The greatest Jeopardy! champion of all time has been officially crowned after four days of work. Ken Jennings came out on top over James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter in the game show's Greatest of All Time tournament Tuesday night. The Jeopardy! genius won his third match during the fourth round of the tournament and, thus, brought the game to an end.

Jennings' victory brings his Jeopardy! winnings total, including tournaments, to $4,370,700, while both runners up took home $250,000 for their participation in the tournament. Jennings came into the tournament already holding the show record for most consecutive games won at 74, as well as highest regular season winnings with $2,520,700.

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However, Holzhauer and Rutter also boasted their own individual claims to Jeopardy! fame. In April 2019, Holzhauer set the record for most single-game winnings with $131,127, and all of the other Top 10 highest single-game winnings are his as well. Meanwhile, Rutter came into the GOAT tournament with the record for highest all-time winnings (including tournaments). Although Jennings' new all-time total puts him much closer to Rutters' haul, Rutter will still keep that title -- for now, at least.

After the results were revealed on Tuesday night, Jennings took to Twitter to claim that the result doesn't mean he's better than either of his competitors. "I know this tournament was supposed to settle the Jeopardy 'Greatest of All Time' question forever, but let's be honest: I got some breaks," Jennings wrote. "There's a lot of luck in a game of Jeopardy: the categories, who finds the Daily Doubles, who misses a fluky DD or Final. If we ran this tournament back a dozen times, you'd probably see a different winner each time. Brad and James are just that good."

Jennings went on to tout their worthiness for the title as well, writing, "James Holzhauer is a player so dominant that, when he took on the strongest players ever in his sport, they both had to adopt his exact style of play just to contain him. THAT's a once-in-a-generation talent. Brad Rutter got some tough breaks in this tourney, but real Jeopardy-heads know him as the guy who beat me in three straight tournament finals. For over a decade, he's really had the only credible claim as the Jeopardy GOAT. Buzzing against both of them at once was a Jeopardy nightmare, but also the best time I've ever had on TV. They're just great and, should I ever be unable to fulfill my duties, I deputize them as co-GOATs."

All four episodes of Jeopardy!: The Greatest of All Time are available to watch at Hulu.

James Holzhauer, Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings, Jeopardy

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