Hunter Parrish and Alexander Gould Hunter Parrish and Alexander Gould

Showtime's Weeds is hitting the road in a Winnebago when it returns for its sixth season on August 16. And while that means longtime favorite Elizabeth Perkins will no longer be seen as neighbor Celia, lead character Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) will not be traveling solo. Hunter Parrish, who plays Nancy's eldest child Silas, tells me, "Nancy would never leave her family behind so we're all on the run together. We pick up and move states. It's cool to see this family outside of their world."

Expect to see different locales in each episode. "We've only had one consistent set in the nine out of thirteen episodes we've shot so far," says the actor, referencing the family's new mobile (and cramped!) quarters. "We're filming on location a lot."       

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Sharing Mary-Louise's sadness over Elizabeth's departure, Hunter admits, "It's so hard. I love Elizabeth and thought her character was amazing and almost essential to the show, so I was surprised. It will be totally different this year, but we have to keep moving to stay fresh. And to be true to that, some people can't come."

There will be at least one returning face with Jennifer Jason Leigh reprising her role as Nancy's older sister Jill, though the character will be seen apart from the Botwins. "We didn't get to have any scenes with her," says Hunter. "She shot her own thing which turns out to be a pivotal part of our storyline."   

Unfortunately, the family's on-the-road adventure doesn't provide his character much of a chance for love. "In one episode I branch off for a bit and meet a girl, but then of course Nancy gets in trouble and I get whisked off," says Hunter.

Also look for Nancy to be upgrading her illegal operation. After years of rolling commonplace pot, the inventive mom will be manufacturing hash. Don't know the difference? Hunter does.

"We have a whole new process this year," he says. "I have done my research for the show, ahem, so I can tell you that there is a different process in making hash. You don't need the butt. With hash, you can just use the trimmings — and it's a lot more intense!"    

Sounds like that'll be true for this entire trippy season!

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