Stephen Collins Stephen Collins

My how Stephen Collins has changed since playing preacher on 7th Heaven. In the new season, Stephen will briefly step away from his role as Julie Benz's possibly corrupt boss on ABC's No Ordinary Family to moonlight as Uncle Saul's loverboy on Brothers & Sisters. Since producer Greg Berlanti has his hands in both shows, the booking was easy to pull off.

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Brothers & Sisters
showrunner David Marshall Grant tells me Stephen will be playing a man named Charlie who helps Saul continue to come to terms with his HIV positive diagnosis at the end of last season. "I don't want this to be like a TV Movie of the Week," insists Grant, who himself played a gay character on ABC's thirtysomething back in the late '80s. "Even though he didn't know his diagnosis until recently, I have a feeling Saul has been dealing with this for years. He hasn't been frequenting gay bars."

It's unlikely that Saul and Charlie will find any kind of lasting love as Stephen is due back on his superhero show and, for now, is only lined up for Brothers & Sisters' fourth episode.

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