Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon

Following NCIS' very personal 200th episode, exec producer Gary Glasberg says we can expect more crises that hit close to home on the CBS drama. Among the highs and lows ahead:

  • Jamie Lee Curtis' Dr. Samantha Ryan will stay cozied up to Gibbs through season's end, when "a significant threat" rocks the Navy.
  • Palmer chooses his best man and plans his bachelor party and wedding.
  • DiNozzo and Ziva will head to South America and encounter her mysterious friend Monique. And a DiNozzo-centric story will find him facing someone from his past and a choice he made when he was younger. "This is the moment when viewers will learn what the 'Boy From Baltimore' mystery we've been hinting at the last few seasons is all about," says Gary, who is also conceptualizing some "origins episodes" for Season 10 to reveal how each team member joined the unit.

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