Modern Family Modern Family

Modern Family exec producer Steven Levitan bases his show's stories on the real-life experiences of the writers' families. But he wants it known that one upcoming episode is pure fiction: "Phil [Ty Burrell] learns that Haley is not a virgin and has to deal with that."

Rubbing salt in the wound — Claire (Julie Bowen) has known for some time. How does Phil respond? "He's, of course, horrified," teases Ty. "But it ends up being very heartfelt and meaningful." Surprisingly, Julie had the most difficult time with the plotline. "I was shocked," she says. "I was sure it would turn out to be a big misunderstanding, but no. Claire's not devastated by this, but I am."

So is Julie dreading facing this right of passage with her kids? She jokes, "My kids are boys. So they can have sex at age 6 and that'd be fine."

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