Curb Your Enthusiasm Curb Your Enthusiasm

It's been a year and a half since HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm signed off with a Seinfeld reunion. Now, with Season 8 finally premiering July 10, star and creator Larry David is saluting another beloved series from NBC's classic Thursday-night lineup, landing guest appearances from two Family Ties faves, Michael J. Fox and Michael Gross.

"Larry moves to New York and takes the apartment below ours," teases Fox, who pops up as himself in Episode 10. The story's gimmick is similar to his recurring role on The Good Wife, in which he plays an attorney who gains sympathy in the courtroom by exploiting a neurological disorder. (In real life, Fox has battled Parkinson's disease since 1991). The Curb subplot finds Larry believing that "I'm being symptomatic just to annoy him — a whole passive-aggressive thing," Fox says. "He's complaining because I'm shuffling and making noise upstairs. It's very funny."    

Earlier in the season, Fox's Family Ties dad, Gross, appears alongside Richard Lewis in a funny funeral scene. "I play Larry's dermatologist," Gross says, hinting at a possibly troubling diagnosis for Larry. Adds Fox, "I heard wonderful things about that [episode] when I was doing mine. They said it was really nutty." Now how about finding a role for Justine Bateman?

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