Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live

I love Kristen Wiig's zany characters on Saturday Night Live. Would she ever consider doing her own Carol Burnett-type variety show? — Jill, Denver

I love that idea, too, but Kristen tells me, "I've never really thought of it. You're the first person to ask me that, although Carol Burnett was a huge, huge influence on me."

If not a variety show, then what about spinning off one of her many colorful characters into a feature film? "I don't know if anyone would want two hours of any of them," she says.

While that's certainly true of the Target Lady, Kristen did bite at my suggestion of a film chronicling the glamorous backstory of stage star-turned-game show flubber Mindy Grayson: "A Mindy Grayson movie," she says. "Oh, that's a good idea!"    

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