Eva Longoria Parker Eva Longoria Parker

They all look spectacular, but is it natural beauty or a cosmetic surgeon's knife that makes the women of Desperate Housewives appear younger and younger each season? Well, we're about to find out that one of the Wisteria women underwent a nose job. Which one, you wonder? Well, the model, of course.

Yes, an upcoming episode will find the ladies learning that Gaby's nose is not her original. "Of course Gaby's had her nose done," Eva Longoria Parker tells me. "Gaby's had everything done. Please. She's definitely a proponent of Botox, nose jobs, boob jobs and any other kind of job."

The scandalous news will be leaked to the other housewives by neighborhood newcomer Renee Jones (Vanessa Williams). "Vanessa's character is very similar to Gabrielle," add Eva. "They're frenemies."

But how does the actress feel about this secret from Gaby's past being exposed? "I just wonder if people are going to think I had a nose job," Eva says. For the record, she didn't.

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