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This summer, House fans equipped with iPhones have been having fun downloading comedic mini episodes centered around multilingual character Nurse Jeffrey (Patrick Price) and his vendetta (established at the end of last season's regular TV episodes) to bring down House by gathering bitchy tales from fellow Princeton-Plainsboro staffers with axes to grind. House executive producer Katie Jacobs produced and directed the 13 'appisodes' of Nurse Jeffrey over four days after last season wrapped. They can be viewed on the free inHouse app, with a new installment premiering each Monday at 8pm.

"Nurse Jeffrey has been gathering evidence to bring to human resources and get House kicked out of the hospital," says Jacobs, who says Scary Spice Mel B. told Price she is among those following Jeffrey's exploits. "A lot of the other doctors who have appeared on our show will make appearances, and some are new actors I cast." Among the familiar faces popping up: Dr. Hourani (Maurice Godin), a surgeon who had a very antagonistic relationship with House, Blue the janitor, and Dr. Simpson (Ron Perkins).

As the series nears its conclusion at summer's end, Dr. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) will be first heard, then seen in the app anthology. And you can also expect a glimpse of the big grouch (Hugh Laurie) himself. "Eventually Jeffrey will want to shift through House's personal stuff," says Jacobs. Will daring to invade House's office be his downfall? We'll have to wait and see.

This storyline will be wrapped up in the 13th installment. Then when House returns in the fall, Jacobs says the hospital will likely see the addition of a new female doc to fill in for Thirteen, who resigns for mysterious reasons (actress Olivia Wilde will be shooting a film). And there might also be a female presence at the hospital in the form of Wilson's ex-wife, Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros). With their romance solid again, might Carr be looking to park in PP Hospital to be closer to her man?

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